The CCPA is a multi-organizational union whose ultimate purpose is to provide a strong up-building environment for its members while at the same time preserving their individual rights and freedoms as well as their sovereignty.


An Ideal:

     The Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord is a union of various states and corporations that works together in order to create a environment that ensures prosperity for all who participate. We are different from the other alliances out there in that we guarantee our members freedom. In no such way will the pact interfere with the sovereignty of a member state. Our members also have the guarantee to having a balanced voice in matters, no organization will be biased based on structure or political orientation. Every member is guaranteed that they will retain full control over their own laws and form of government. All decisions effecting the whole of the CCPA are placed to a vote.

Our Structure:

     The Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord is designed to be politically efficient, making use of a simplified system of representation and moderation, as listed below.

     #Representatives: Their role is to listen to their organizations leaders and then propose, create, modify, and remove legislation. They are the core of the CCPA, in that its their voice on matters sets the agenda of the pact as a whole. They are assigned by the various leaders of the organizations they represent. 

     #Mediators: Is a rank assigned by an representative when the need arises in order to elicit communication between conflicting members, explaining information in the help channel, as well as moderating the discord server and website. 

     There are also the org leaders, they have a separate tag. This tag grants them permission to assign representatives as they choose. However, this role is not tied to anything else.

Opportunities & Assistance:

     The Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord offers much in the form of assistance to its partners. Everything from the ability to trade manpower, resources, research, information, logistical services, and of course mutual defense through a easy to access community portal. We are also working on offering additional options for our members such as free sub domains for their websites, as well as branded email services; for instance "username@orgname.com." There is also the discord login api that we are working on, that we will be releasing to the community to use, no strings attached.