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Dual Universe Community Report - June 2019

On June 1st, the Aeonian Federation made their big reveal, morphing to Pantheon Voidworks in what proved to be a very fast and discreet move, after careful deliberation with their partners but keeping communication on the change to minimal; this "soft launch", as CEO Chief commented, was made to outline the organization's fluidity and capacity for change on short notice; it was also seen as a way to shed AFED/ Cinderfall Syndicate's "negative stigmas" due to "preconceived notions and opinions" about them from older events.


The next day, however, Pantheon Voidworks gave some public details about their recent transformation from political alliance to "industrial corporate-state"; their Free-Reign Diplomacy Alliance community outreach program and their Archon position within Arch Confederacy remain.


Finally, on June 14th, Meridian Jumpworks and Pantheon Voidworks merged to form Pantheon Jumpworks, a corporate-state goods-manufacturer and service-provider, completing AFED's previous metamorphosis and expanding their ambitions and means.

On June 3rd, Silverlight Industries' management removed long time member RaptorJesus from their ranks, citing "complications with other members and recent suspicious activity"; SLI refused to make any further comments but reminiscence of older - and unverified - rumours about RaptorJesus uncertainties in allegiance surfaced.

On June 6th, The Solar Empire joined the CCPA; TSE leader Mr Star Wars expressed his hope that the accord will help them attain their goal "of stable positive gameplay".

On June 13th, the Old Guard of Gaia signed a "Pact of Gaia" with the newly-formed Pantheon Jumpworks; this complex, quasi-philosophical accord from the technico-religious followers of Mother Nature led by Primus Jon Oxdale includes many principles that are detached from the more mundane, practical terms of most political pacts.


On June 23rd, the Federation Alpha signed a more pragmatic peace & trade agreement with Delta Confederation and Terran Union's Court of Justice attended their first trial, to settle a very serious matter.