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Dual Universe Community Report - July 2019

On July 3rd, Pantheon Jumpworks published their June 2019 Press Release, confirming all their recent mutations as well as boasting a satisfying member growth.


On July 11th, Sovereignty Integral of Tilo signed an Associative Relationship Agreement with Nova Federation, as well as with Teoma Trade Company later on July 30th.

On July 18th, MinerMax555 announced his resignation as CEO of Vortrex Mining and Science Inc, for IRL reasons; he is to be replaced by co-Legate Mortalpath.

On July 19th, Kurock published his fourth "State of Affairs" on Outpost Zebra, dealing with more than 8 months of summarized Alpha-1 community activity.


On July 20th, Terran Union ran their first civil elections, gathering a meagre participation of 25 voters under Judge ShaylixLinx's supervision; the Republican, Deduction and Progressive parties came to share most of the available elected seats within the Senate.

On July 21st, the Federation Alpha signed a Non Aggression, Trade and Anti-Embargo Pact with Les Scorpions du Désert, cimenting their relations with French organizations once more after their accord with Delta Confederation last month.

On July 24th, videomakers from Gladiators Cafe published a film of Helvetian's recent ingame commemoration of the Apollo 11 mission, with special NDA-waving permission from Novaquark and help from upstanding Noveans Yamamushi, Grimmstone, Destrin, DeathBellStar, Pantera and Knoober; the event gathered about a hundred live spectators for the countdown and launch, followed by the flight of the rocket as well as the moonlanding of a replica space module.


On July 27th, faced with repeated critics about his overcomplicated laws and regulations, as well as the recent election's conditions, ShaylixLinx, Judge Supreme of the Terran Union Justice Department, bitterly resigned and related antispam discipline had to be enforced for a few hours on TU's Discord channel, where ShaylixLinx relayed his disappointment.