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Dual Universe Community & Development Report - September 2019

On September 1st, Dynamic Aerospace Industries joined Pantheon Jumpworks as their "Aerospace Dynamics" department, focusing now on "researching and development of new technologies which will benefit Pantheon Jumpworks further [their] goal to be one of the leading Orgs in DU."

On September 6th, Novaquark published their September Dev Diary, narrated by NQ-Entropy, dealing with the much-awaited Virtual Projector feature, vehicle behavior and audio improvements.


On September 10th, Science of Acquisition, the Dual Universe wing of the True Orbit Community, went into official stasis, citing uncertainties in face of "the fluidic changes within the game"; feeling they needed yet to "better understand the mechanics and development of the game", they closed all applications until further notice.

On September 17th, 18th and 19th, Novaquark successively revealed the Puzzle Game Building Contest's first, second and third winners: Kurock and his "The Heist" live-action puzzle, BiGEdge and his "RD_Temple", and Spiridon and "The First Rite of The Neophyte" trial; all three puzzles were made directly accessible ingame via teleporter pads near the Arkship's starting spawn.

On September 20th, the third "Inside Novaquark" Podcast was broadcasted; it gathered NQ-Nomad, NQ-Wzrd, J.C. Baillie, Stéphane d'Astous, NQ-Entropy and NQ-Drifter through the use of a duplex communication between Novaquark Paris and Novaquark Montreal; together, directors, developers and community managers discussed the recent Puzzle Contest, Montreal's progresses and the upcoming PvP-centric Alpha 3.


On September 23rd, no longer able to remain at rue Lourmel's rental facility for budding entreprises, Novaquark Paris moved to a larger facility in Issy-les-Moulineaux, in one of Wojo's coworking rental space buildings.

On September 25th, Novaquark engaged a procedure to replace the Discord Bot Authentification; originally designed by Yamamushi to allow sanctionned access to NDA channels in the Dual Universe Discord, which he founded and amptly customized with success, the Bot is now to be replaced by Novaquark's own, regulated, simpler tool.


This month's biggest community development also happened on September 25th: considering that "TU was dying", Terran Union's directors put themselves "under the committed and strong leadership of the Empire", fully merging with Kytheum's troops; UniversalG, TU's current leader, described the merge as a last-ditch measure to prevent his org's collapse and Emperor Kytheum himself commended him for this "respectable and noble action that will see the Empire take the top position": with this gathering, Empire is effectively due to be the first ensemble to cross the symbolic 1.000 members milestone very soon.

It is to be noted, though, that the actual direction of the merge, from Empire - now "Empire (Old)" - to Terran Union - now "Empire" -, technically makes UniversalG the founder of this new iteration of Empire, with corresponding powers.

The merge was also greeted with less-than-amable reactions, notably from Arch Confederacy's representatives; AC's well-known rivalry with TU had ramped up a few months ago with UniversalG's people openly distanciating themselves from their former allies after Primarch's ban, and Dark Star Imperium and New Genesis's forced reset by Novaquark; AC took TU's absorption as an opportunity to critique again the organization's lack of tact, communication and overall substance; some of the less forgiving members of AC, NG's enthusiastic space crusaders, even mentioned they would shift the perceived blame from TU to Empire themselves.



On September 27th, motivated by the upcoming influx of new people from their merge with Terran Union, Empire explained their whole structure through a detailed video.


On September 30th, online magazine MassivelyOP granted Novaquark an article detailing many things, including a confirmed and much-awaited NDA drop for Beta.