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Dual Universe Community & Development Report - October 2019

On October 3rd, Emperor Kytheum was quietly made technical Founder of the Empire/ ex-Terran Union on the Community Portal in stead of UniversalG; although nothing was communicated about it, this manoeuver is only possible to Novaquark Community Managers with both partie's approval and was probably used to nip in the bud future potential mishaps.

On October 10th, Pantheon Jumpworks joined the CCPA, adhering to the Accord's values.

On October 11th, NQ-Antigravitas demonstrated BigEdge's RD_Temple in a public video, lifting NDA to show some results of the Puzzle Contest as well as new ingame, player-made content.


On October 15th, Empire reached 1.000 members after their absorption of Terran Union, much to Emperor Kytheum's and J.C. Baillie's satisfaction.



On October 18th, Novaquark unexplicably re-published their Puzzle Tutorial video from May.


On October 21st, Novaquark shed a Community Spotlight on Kornelius, aka Forger, redactor of the first Dual Universe Beginner's Guide, a type of work Kornelius seems to be familiar with; in plus of being highly valuable to any Dual Universe tester, this guide shows some of the game's mechanics previously kept under NDA.



On October 22nd, Novaquark's Devblog announced the implementation of Space Core Units for their upcoming Alpha 2.1. and on October 24th, said Alpha 2.1 was released; the usual 96 hours Server Test was at first reduced to 3 hours as a result of the new build deployement, then progressively extended back to usual as Novaquark successfully monitored the implementation's effects.


On October 28th, Novaquark started a new video series called "Between Two Friends", sitting down with Michel Chassagne, Senior Concept Artist at Montreal's HQ.


On October 31st, NQ-Antigravitas posted up a tutorial to help Alpha players align Space Cores and use gravity for maximum efficiency in the space station's designs, and in the wake of this demonstration, Novaquark announced their Space Station Building Contest, from October 31st to January 13th.