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Dual Universe Community & Development Report - November 2019

On November 2nd, DICE had their "Race to the Moon" event, after careful preparations by Kurock and his team of organizers; this dash from Alioth's surface to the moon and back in a XS core ship was won, by a significant margin over his 33 opponents, by the "Quasimodo Mk II" ship flewn by Xtronaut.

On November 6th, Novaquark made a recap of their latest Community Digest picks.


On November 8th, after months of concern, NQ-Nyzaltar answered to growing worries within the tester community about a perceived lack of communication from Novaquark about Alpha and its recurring issues; a dedicated thread where "no question is taboo" was opened in the NDA section of the forum and an updated roadmap as well as AMA's were announced in an effort to re-establish a constant link with the community, a promise made back in the Kickstarter promotion days.


On November 10th, renowned pirate and multiple alts owner Cybrex officially stepped down from Band Of Outlaw's general management in favor of Sylva; no public reasons were given.


On November 13th, New Genesis broadcasted a public homily from their spiritual guide Father Aemon and on November 19th, same Father Aemon warned the world of its impending purge, increasing New Genesis's holy crusading roleplay's visibility within the community.



On November 20th, Novaquark published a NDA-authorized video from Infinity Corporation, featuring various live extracts of the recent DICE Moon Race; although a fidel representation of the uplifting, frantic and passionate event this race was, the video was coldy received for its limited technical performances in french videogame online magazine JeuxOnLine's comments, who broadcasted the video a few days later.


On November 22nd, J.C. Baillie reminded the community of the year 2019, details changes to the roadmap and upcoming features, such as PvP, RDMS and visual rendering, before listing Dual Universe's minimal cornerstones in a much-anticipated, "back-to-the-roots" personal video update.


On November 27th, community figure and NQ-regular Yamamushi attended a ribbon-cutting meet-up at Novaquark's new location in France, in presence of J.C. Baillie and Issy-les-Moulineaux's mayor André Santini.

On November 30th, the Alioth Aerospace Expo went on at Objective Driveyards' HQ from November 30th to December 1st, featuring hundreds ships from more than 20 organizations and promoting the AAE Hovercraft Race in an event of unique proportions.

The same day, a new NovaWriMo Contest, due January 13th, was announced by NQ-Nyzaltar.