We endeavor to provide the opportunities for any member organization to develop, securely, through economic, military, and political means. Free from outside interference, from those who want to cause harm.


The Beginning:

     The CCPA was conceived in a time of great upheaval. Mass purges had take place within organizations due to unorthodox alternate account use, as well as several high profile community players receiving lifetime bans from the game due to questionable behavior. It was during this chaotic time that an unique idea arose. The idea that we would be better working together, trading resources, materials, manpower, and other forms of assistance when needed. The difference being in that each organization that is a member would retain full control over their sovereignty, as well as shape the pact with each vote. 

     ...This is how the CCPA was born!

The Advantages:

     The entire goal of the CCPA is to provide a safe environment for its members where they can remain safe from hostile outside forces. By coming together we have the ability to strengthen each other in ways we could never achieve alone. As a group we have the ability to provide a stable environment in which any member organization can thrive, economically, militarily,and politically. However, to achieve stability the pact could be like no other. There could be no central leader, or controlling org. This community would function on the word of the people. Not those of an oppressive tyrant. 


     We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, however, we realized that by working together we are able to make up for our for our weaknesses and improve our strength based on a spirit of cooperation. Its this spirit of cooperation that enables us to build a stable environment that opens up a wide range of possibilities for the member organizations to develop in. Everything from infrastructure, the creation of laws, construction of fleets, the collection of resources, and the development of economies 


   Ultimately its this spirit of cooperation that helps to provide this environment that we all wish to be a part of. In joining the CCPA you are ensuring your security as well as that of your organization.


     Now it lies up to you, do you want to live in a environment of peace, or one forever locked in conflict. None of this can be achieved without your support.

Are you with us?